About BRT

At BRT we pride ourselves in offering effective affordable products and services focused on providing a more energy efficient and green building envelope, thereby helping to lower your energy costs. And by doing this our mission is to help make affordable living for everyone more attainable for us and our children.  

In the personal search for economic alternatives to continually increasing energy costs we discovered several exciting innovative products that are sustainable and affordable to help home owners and businesses fight back our rising energy costs. 

As these discoveries and discussions continued, the BRT (Bill Reduction Technologies) Energy Solutions team started to develop.  At BRT our contributing people are property owners themselves looking for ways to cut costs, but also have practical experiences in the agriculture, small business and the building sector. 

It is with this history and ambition, that BRT was born in 2011.  

Our product and services will continue to evolve, as we continue to grow and explore and search the for innovative products and technology that are practical for the average person to implement in their personal & business environments to keep energy costs manageable, while protecting and limiting their negative impact on the natural environment and there budget.  

We invite you to please share with us how we can serve you. 

We also welcome your feedback regarding any of the products or services we offer. 

We want to continually improve what we do and serve our valued customers and those interested in practical energy bill reduction technologies, products and ideas.  

We look forward to helping you reduce your energy costs so you can spend your hard earned money enriching the lives of your family, friends, community and charities in your life. 



We are based just our side of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional comments or questions. We value your input.