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BRT is happy to be working with "Cocoon Building Technologies". 

We will be distributing and building with their MagWall Structural Insulated building panels.  

We have experience building with and using Cocoon SIP panels, and are excited about the benefits and advantages they offer both for a much better overall building envelope as well as a better and more efficient construction process.  

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BRT is happy to have recently have become a Canadian distributor and reseller for Power-Save units and the The Power-Save 1200™, 3200™ and 3400™ conditioning units in Canada!

The Power Save conditioning units have been lowering consumer power bills by as much as 25% for nearly four years now. The technology has been used in the industrial/commercial applications for many years, but the rapid rise in home electricity costs has created a new demand for answers to help lower electrical costs.

The Power-Save units are fully CSA approved and certified for Canada. They work by conditioning the inductive motor loads in the home or work place, thereby correcting the Power-Factor back to 1, or as close as possible, thus eliminating wasted electrical consumption, therefore saving you power and money.

More info: Power Save 1200

CBS News Report: Power-Save 1200™ Reduces Electric Bills

 Report on how PS-1200™ Can save you electrisity and power on CBS News!

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