How a Power–Save 1200™ can reduce power consumption in your home



When energy is transferred to your home it undergoes all sorts of alterations in the voltages and amperes. This is actually necessary to the efficient transmission of energy. High voltages allow energy to be transferred over long distances that is from city to city but these high voltages cannot be used by your household appliances and indeed are very dangerous to be near at all.



CopacitorsThat’s where transformers come in that reduce this voltage to a level that your household appliances can use. Now, of the energy supplied to your household appliances a great deal is wasted due to minor inefficiencies in your household system. This power wastage was unavoidable in the old days, but these days, there are power saving units that use a special device called a harmonic resistant capacitor.



The Power-Save 1200 is one such device that uses these harmonic resistant capacitors to good effect. A device of this sort, when plugged into your home systems, can reduce the load of heavy duty devices such as air conditioners or household furnaces, or just about any device that draws a massive load, such as a washer or pool pump. A harmonic resistant capacitor can especially improve the efficiency of motor based devices, and ultimately enhance the overall power efficiency of a home.



The lighting in your home provides the best power factor rating (that is the efficiency rating), with a rating of one, whereas your motor based systems are traditionally highly inefficient with a power factor rating that can range down to .2 or even less.


Generally speaking, on an average, the combination of all the power needs in your home, and that includes the needs of motor based devices, reduces your power efficiency to such a level that most homes have a power factor rating of something like .7.


This can be a serious drain on your resources, because of the additional amount that you pay out for all the power that is wasted in your home.


Now, this is exactly where a Power-Save 1200 comes in, because the 1200 by correcting this serious loss of power can improve your power factor rating to something like .9, and it doesn’t get any better than that.


So what exactly does Power-Save 1200 do to improve your household efficiency?


In other words, just how does it work?


For one thing, the Power-Save 1200 acts to suppress spikes and surges in your power supply.


As different devices in your energy grid (that is different devices within your home), all draw upon power, this causes imbalances in the power supply to your home.


Of course, this is not the only source of spikes and energy surges; because it can also happen that a damaged transformer that supplies energy to your locality also causes spikes and surges in the power supply.


As a matter of fact, and though this is rare, it is even possible for lightning to strike the power lines resulting in a massive power surge that can destroy your appliances.


However, for sensitive, electronix devices such as computers, printers, digital TVs, etc. one still needs to use a surge protector since the Power-Save 1200 unit's abilities are more for surge suppression than surge protection yet it will protect any other electric motors from surge damage.


The inbuilt protection within the Power-Save 1200 suppresses these spikes and even extends the serving life of the various appliances in your home.


And now we came to the real functionality of the Power-Save 1200, which is its bank of harmonic filtration capacitors. This harmonic filtration is necessary today because the kind of devices we use have changed. Even twenty years ago we used electrical devices that were basically based upon motors and what is known as lineal loads. However, over the years we have increasingly switched to transistorized and electronic technology that creates non-lineal loads on the power system.


This means that we essentially have a power system that is unsuited to the kind of loads placed upon it, and vice versa. Now, the harmonic filtration system actually corrects this by adapting the power supply to modern usage patterns. This can be of immense benefit to both your motorized, as well your electronic systems. Motors will run with more efficiency, and also twenty percent cooler than they do now, where as your electronics, including those of your computers, will give off less heat.


But best of all, doing this increases the power factor rating of your home system to an overall .9, or even .95 which can result in invaluable savings on energy costs. You can save anything up to twenty five percent of your present household energy usage, and this results in you completely recouping the cost of the Power-Save 1200 in around 6-12 months time, depending of course upon the cost of energy in your area and the specific energy utilization pattern in your household.



We sell power save devices for residential, industrial and commercial needs. The installation is in most cases very simple but we always recommend that an electrician install it. The device has an expected life span of twenty years or more, and can certainly be considered an investment in the needs and future of your home.