Introducing the Power Save 1200™


Power Save 1200BRT is now offering the Power Save 1200™ Power Controller in Canada, a power conditioning technology that is designed to optimize your home or business's power, and capture otherwise wasted electricity, thereby saving on average of 6 to 12% on electric bills, and as high as 25% in some cases.

But that's not all!

The Power Save 1200™ not only will lower your Electric Bill, but it will also increase the life of all the electric motors in your home or business by up to 80% as well as providing full power surge protection.

Even better, the Power Save 1200™ in most cases will be a better return on investment than any stock on Wall Street!

Let’s take a look at some numbers.

Say on average your power bill is $170 a mouth. Now if you were to save, let’s say 10% with our Power Save 1200, that would equal a $17 dollar saving per mouth, or $204 per year! So your investment to purchase the Power Save 1200™ would be paid for in less than 19 months. That is over a 50% return on your investment per year! Try to find a stock that will give you that kind of return.

Beyond the money you will save on your power bill and electric motors lasting longer and added surge protection, you will also be helping our environment by reducing power consumption, which is good for everyone. 

Here is an CBS 46 new Report on the Power Save 1200™ Conditioner.




"I purchased a PS1200 in early June (2006) and installed it as soon as it arrived on June 10th, 2006. As you know, the electric rates in Maryland have gone up significantly since July 1st . I recently received my electric bill and compared it to my bill from June/July of 2005.

I discovered a savings of 827 kwh, a 24.45% decrease over the same time period last year. This unit is wonderful; only wish I knew about it earlier...

Thanks again!!" - Forrest Silver, Ellicott City, Maryland

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Here is a Fox News report on a similar home-based capacitor.


Selling points, Power Save 1200™

  • Expected Savings of on Average of 6-12%!

  • In some cases, as much as 25% on your Electric Bill!

  • Helps Extend the Life of your electric motors by up to 80% 
  • Provides Surge Protection for all the Electric motors in your home! Fully Guaranteed! 
  • FREE Shipping within the Canada and the USA! 
  • Full 5 year manufacturers' s warranty! 
  • Made Factory Fresh! 
  • 365 Day, Full 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back, So you have NOTHING to lose! 



Power Save 1200

Demo of the Power Save 1200 in action!


The Power Save 1200™ is CSA certified to Canadian standards. It is also is UL and CE certified as well.

We are selling the Power Save 1200™ unit in Canada with a Full 1 year money back Guarantee! Only through BRT...


FREE shipping included!



How much could I save?

More Information:

How many units will I need in?

The Power Save 1200 works with up to 200 amps systems; usually a home, only needs 1 unit. For some larger home or businesses more maybe needed.

If you are unsure, check your panel box. If your main breaker is 200 amps or less you should be good to go.

Commercial Unit?

We also have Three phase commercial units available for business and farms that have three phase power! The saving with three phase are as good or better than single phase a lot of the time!

Contact us and we will help for ordering three phase units.


How a Power–Save 1200™ can reduce power consumption in your home

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