Why MagWall ?


You'll know the MagWall difference when you experience significantly lower operating costs in a more comfortable and healthy living environment.  The high quality of MagWall materials and ease of installation will ensure consistent performance and durability for years to come.  Your home or building is a big investment.  Get better value for your money - ask your builder for MagWall. 


Why should you ask your builder for MagWall TM ?


  • save up to 60% on utility bills and up to 40% on heating and cooling equipment.  
  • faster construction to lock up stage - saves time and money and gets you into your home sooner 
  • fewer construction delays / shorter building cycle / longer building season – suitable for building in   wet weather and winter building 
  • results in a superior home or building with comparable cost to conventional construction 

Quality and Workmanship  

  • less reliance on skilled trades to produce more energy efficient and durable building envelope walls at a comparable cost  
  • plumb, straight walls and a continuous attachment surface for cabinetry flooring, mouldings, counters and exterior finishing facilitates faster and better quality installation  
  • the quality of the building envelope has the greatest impact on energy efficiency 

Comfort and Piece of Mind 

  • your home or building built with MagWall will have the most comfortable, quiet and draft free environment you have ever experienced  
  • creates a safe, healthy place with better air quality due to high resistance to moisture, mould, rot and insects that will stand up better in extreme weather conditions and fire. 
  • insulation will not settle and thermal performance of the wall will not degrade over time  
  • superior fire resistance – greatly reducing the incidence of fire spread with non combustible sheathing on both the outside and inside of the walls.  

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